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Mitsubishi FX3U PLC, FX3U PLCMitsubishi FX3U PLC

The new FX3U series PLC is the third generation of Mitsubishi Electric's successful compact Mitsubishi PLC family. Developed for the international market, the new Mitsubishi controllers feature a special 2nd "adapter bus" system, which complements the existing system bus used for expansion, special function and network modules. Up to ten additional modules can be connected to this new adapter bus.

Compact PLC

Full PLC performance in a tiny package

It is now over 30 years since Mitsubishi Electric launched the first compact PLC on the European market. Since then Mitsubishi has become the world market leader in this sector, with over 10 million of its compact controller installations to its credit.

With their compact dimensions and low cost compact controllers have opened up new perspectives in industrial automation. Many applications for which automation was once not even an option can now benefit from the many advantages of these controllers.

The FX3U series that is now being launched worldwide is the third generation Mitsubishi Electric's extremely successful family of compact PLCs. The new flagship line once again sets new standards - and not only in the compact controllers class. The FX3U takes compact controllers into another dimension, delivering performance that was formerly the exclusive domain of larger control systems in a compact package.

The FX family now includes independent but fully mutually-compatible product lines:

Product lines

What can you expect from the MELSEC FX series?

  • Worldwide compatibility
    thanks to their wide power supply range the FX controllers can be used all over the world
  • Internationally approved
    MELSEC FX controllers conform to all major international industrial standards and maritime classifications
  • Flexible solutions
    the base unit can be combined with optional expansion and special function modules to configure a system that is precisely geared to the needs of your application
  • Simple programming
    complex functions can be combined and executed with a single instruction
  • Speed
    the entire FX family has always set the standards for execution speed (FX3U: 0.065µs per logical instruction)
  • Compatibility
    The lines in the FX family are different and independent products, but they are still fully compatible with one another

Product range

Power supply 100‿0 VAC/ 24 VDC 100‿0 VAC/ 12-24 VDC 100‿0 VAC/ 24 VDC 100‿0 VAC/ 24 VDC 24 VDC
No. of inputs 6‿ 8‿ 8‿ 8‿ 8‿
No. of outputs 4‿ 6‿ 8‿ 8‿ 8‿
Digital outputs Relay, transistor Transistor
Program cycle period per logical instruction 0.55‿7 µs 0.55‿nbsp;µs 0.21‿42 µs 0.065 µs 0.065 µs
User memory 2k steps EEPROM (internal) 8k steps EEPROM (internal), EEPROM/EPROM cassettes (optional) 32k steps EEPROM (internal), EEPROM cassettes (optional) 64k steps (standard), FLROM cassettes (optional) 64k steps (standard), EEPROM cassettes (optional)
Dimensions in mm (WxHxD) 60‿0x90x49 90‿5x90x75 90‿5x90x86 130‿0x90x86 34‿x90x74


Type FX2N
Power supply 100-240 VAC/ 24 VDC
No. of inputs 8-64
No. of outputs 8-64
Digital outputs Relay, transistor
Program cycle period per logical instruction 0.08 µs
User memory 8,000 steps PLC-Program (RAM internal), optional 16 k RAM/EEPROM
Dimensions in mm (WxHxD) 150-350x90x87


QnU PLC QnU PLC - The next level in Q performance
Note: These new QnU PLCs are only supported by the GX Developer -programming package (officially from version 8.48A).
Support for GX IEC Developer will be released with version 7.03 in November 2008.

Easy to connect to programming tool via Ethernet
IP address setting is not required to connect GX Developer (programming tool) to the CPU module directly (one-to-one connection). Also, the CPU module allows the use of either straight or cross cable. Ethernet thus realizes easy communication with the CPU module like USB connection, even operators who are not familiar with the network can easily connect it.

Search and display a list of connected CPUs
Using an Ethernet hub, GX Developer can be simultaneously connected to multiple CPUs.
The connected QnU CPUs on the network can be searched and displayed in a list. By selecting a CPU from the list, it is connected easily even if the IP address is unknown, and the operating status can be checked.

Improved production time and processing accuracy
To correspond with increasing demands for shortening production time of large-scale, complex systems, the new model offers the fastest basic operation performance* on the market: basic operation processing speed (LD) of 9.5 ns. This means scan time is reduced, improving production time and processing accuracy. In addition, the Mitsubishi programmable controller can realize high-speed control which was previously supported by micro computer boards only.
Q PLC - Mitsubishi PLCQ Series Mitsubishi PLC:

The extremely compact design of the Q series PLC enables space-saving in the cabinet.
Only 98 mm x 98 mm x 245 mm in size!. The main base unit can be expanded with up to seven expansion base units with a maximum bus length of 13.2m.Industrial automation platform that forms a multiple Mitsubishi PLC System
Up to 4 CPUs per system for controlling, motion control, Mitsubishi PC and communication
Expandable from 16 to 4.096 I/ Os (8.192 total)
PLC- CPU cycle period/ log. instruction up to 34 ns
Integrated RAM for up to 252 k PLC program steps with battery back-up for data retention; expandable up to 32 Mbyte with RAM card
Full functionally PC CPU with Windows operating system can be mounted
Processing of analog values with 16 bit accuracy
Up to 3 Motion CPUs can control up to 96 axes
CPU-internal self diagnosis with error history
Remote error diagnosis and programming (via modem, internet, intranet)
Full support of network functions, many communication features
Programming with MELSOFT according to IEC 1131.3  

2times smaller than our Bestseller MELSEC FX. And the fastest Compact-PLC in mini size at the same time - with the possibilities of a "big" system.


  •  16 - 256 I/Os
  •  0,08 µs / log. instruction for fast processes
  •  50% smaller size compared to predecessor
  •  Up to 16 k steps Melsec PLC program in RAM/EEPROM
  •  Communication via seriell and parallel interface
  •  Dedicated application instructions for fast and simple programming of complex  processes
  •  6 internal high-speed counter inputs (up to 60 kHz) for positioning tasks
  •  High flexibility thanks to application-specific special function modules
  •  Internal PID controller with auto-tuning
  •  Additional RS232C/RS485interface.
List for Mitsubishi PLC:
FX3U-128MR-ES-A FX2N-422-BD QD75D1 A1SY81 FX3U-80MR-ES-A FX2N-CNV-BD QD75D2 A1SY10EU FX3U-64MR-ES-A Q00JCPU QD75D4 A1SY14EU FX3U-48MR-ES-A Q00CPU QD75M1 A1SY18AEU FX3U-32MR-ES-A Q01CPU QD75M2 A1SY28EU FX3U-16MR-ES-A Q02CPU QD75M4 A1SH42 FX3U-80MR-DS Q02HCPU QD70P4 A1SX48Y18 FX3U-64MR-DS Q06HCPU QD70P8 A1SX48Y58 FX3U-48MR-DS Q12HCPU QG60 A1S63ADA  FX3U-32MR-DS Q25HCPU QC30R2 A1S66ADA FX3U-16MR-DS Q33B Q6HLD-R2 A1S64AD FX3U-128MT-ES-A Q35B A6RCON-R75 A1S68AD FX3U-80MT-ES-A Q38B Q6TA32 A1S62DA FX3U-64MT-ES-A Q312B Q6TA32-TOL A1S68DAI FX3U-48MT-ES-A Q63B Q6TE-18S A1S68DAV FX3U-32MT-ES-A Q65B QJ71E71-B2 A1ST60 FX3U-16MT-ES-A Q68B QJ71E71-B5 A1S68TD FX3U-80MT-DS Q612B QJ71E71-100 A1S62RD3N FX3U-64MT-DS Q52B QJ71LP21-25 A1S62RD4N FX3U-48MT-DS Q55B QJ71LP21S-25 A1S64TCTT-S1 FX3U-32MT-DS Q32SB QJ71LP21G A1S64TCTTBW-S1 FX3U-16MT-DS Q33SB QJ71LP22GE A1S64TCRT-S1 FX3UC-32MT-LT Q35SB QJ72LP25-25 A1S64TCRTBW-S1 FX3U-232-BD Q61P QJ72LP25G A1SD70 FX3U-422-BD Q62P QJ72LP25GE A1SD71-S2 FX3U-485-BD Q63P QJ71BR11 A1SD71-S6 FX3U-CNV-BD Q64P QJ72BR15 A1SD71-S7 FX3U-USB-BD Q61SP Q80BD-J71LP21-25 A1SD75P1-S3 FX3U-2HSY-ADP QC05B Q80BD-J71LP21G A1SD75P2-S3 FX3U-4AD-ADP QC06B Q80BD-J71BR11 A1SD75P3-S3 FX3U-4AD-PT-ADP QC12B QJ61BT11N A1SD75-C01H FX3U-4AD-TC-ADP QC30B QJ61CL12 A1SP60 FX3U-4DA-ADP QC50B QJ71C24N A1SD75M1 FX3U-4HSX-ADP QC100B QJ71C24N-R2 A1SD75M2 FX3U-232ADP Q6BAT QJ71C24N-R4 A1SD75M3 FX3U-485ADP Q7BAT QJ71WS96 AD75TU FX3U-1PSU-5V Q7BAT-SET QJ71CMO A1SD61 FX3U-4AD Q6DIN1 QD51 A1SD62 FX3U-4DA Q6DIN2 QD51-R24 A1SD62E FX3U-7DM Q6DIN3 SW1IVD-AD51HP A1SD62D FX3U-7DM-HLD Q2MEM-1MBS QJ71FL71 A1SI61 FX3U-20SSC-H Q2MEM-2MBS QJ71FL71-B2 A1SJ71LP21 FX3U-FLROM-16 Q2MEM-2MBF QJ71AS92 A1SJ71BR11 FX3U-FLROM-64 Q2MEM-4MBF A80BDE-J61BT11 A1SJ71AP21 FX3U-FLROM-64L Q2MEM-8MBA A80BDE-J61BT13 A1SJ71AR21 Q2MEM-16MBA Q6BAT A1SJ71AT21B FX2N-128MR-ES/UL Q2MEM-32MBA A1SHCPU A1SJ72T25B FX2N-80MR-ES/UL Q2MEM-BAT A2SHCPU A1SJ71E71N-B2 FX2N-64MR-ES/UL Q2MEM-ADP A2SHCPU-S1 A1SJ71E71N-B5T FX2N-48MR-ES/UL QX10 A2ASCPU A1SJ71PT32-S3 FX2N-32MR-ES/UL QX28 A2ASCPU-S1 A1SJ71T32-S3 FX1N-60MR-ES/UL QX40 A2USHCPU-S1 A1SJ71UC24-R2 FX1N-40MR-ES/UL QX40-S1 A2ASCPU-S60 A1SJ71UC24-R4  FX1N-24MR-ES/UL QX41 A1SCPUC24-R2 A1SJ71UC24-PRF FX1S-30MR-ES/UL QX41-S1 A1SJHCPU A1SJ71UC24-R2-S2 FX1S-20MR-ES/UL QX42 A2SJHCPU-S8 A1SJ71UC24-R4-S2 FX1S-14MR-ES/UL QX42-S1 A1S32B A1SD51S FX2N-128MR-001 QX70 A1S33B A1SJ71LP21GE FX2N-80MR-001 QX71 A1S35B A1SJ71PB96F  FX2N-64MR-001 QX72 A1S38B A1SJ71PB92D FX2N-48MR-001 QX80 A1S52B-S1 A1SJ51T64 FX2N-32MR-001 QX81 A1S55B-S1 AJ55TB3-4D FX1N-60MR-001 QX82 A1S58B-S1 AJ55TB3-8D FX1N-40MR-001 QX82-S1 A1S65B-S1 AJ55TB3-16D FX1N-24MR-001 QY10 A1S68B-S1 AJ55TB2-4T FX1S-30MR-001 QY18A A1SNMCA-8KP AJ55TB2-8T FX1S-20MR-001 QY22 A1SNMCA-2KE AJ55TB2-16T FX1S-14MR-001 QY40P A1SNMCA-8KE AJ55TB2-4R FX1S-10MR-001 QY41P A2SMCA-14KP AJ55TB2-8R FX2N-128MT-001 QY42P A2SNMCA-30KE AJ55TB2-16R FX2N-80MT-001 QY50 A2SMCA-30KP AJ55TB32-4DT FX2N-64MT-001 QY68A A2SMCA-60KE AJ55TB32-8DT FX2N-48MT-001 QY70 A1S61PN AJ55TB32-16DT FX2N-32MT-001 QY71 A1S62PN AJ55TB32-4DR FX1N-60MT-001 QY80 A1S63P AJ55TB32-8DR FX1N-40MT-001 QY81P A1SG60 AJ55TB32-16DR FX1N-24MT-001 QH42P A1SG62 A6WA-28P  FX1N-60MR-D QX48Y57 A1SX10 A2SWA-28P FX1N-40MR-D A6CON1 A1SX20 A7PUS FX1N-24MR-D A6CON2 A1SX30 AC30R4-PUS FX2N-16EX A6CON3 A1SX40 A6BAT FX2N-16EYR A6CON1E A1SX40-S1 A1SC01B FX2N-16EYT A6CON2E A1SX40-S2 A1SC03B FX2N-8ER A6CON3E A1SX41 A1SC60B FX2N-8EX QI60 A1SX41-S1 A1SC05NB FX2N-8EYR Q64AD A1SX41-S2 A1SC07NB FX2N-8EYT Q68ADV A1SX42 A1SC30NB FX2N-2AD Q68ADI A1SX42-S1 A1SC50NB FX2N-2DA Q62DA A1SX42-S2 A6TE2-16SRN FX2N-2LC Q64DA A1SX42X AC06TE FX2N-4AD Q68DAV A1SX71 AC10TE  FX2N-4AD-PT Q68DAI A1SX80 AC30TE FX2N-4AD-TC Q64AD-GH A1SX80-S1 AC50TE FX2N-4DA Q62AD-DGH A1SX80-S2 AC100TE FX2N-5A Q62DA-FG A1SX81 A1STA32 FX2N-8AD Q64RD A1SX81-S2 A1STA32-3 FX2N-1HC Q64RD-G A1SX10EU A1STA32-7 FX2N-1PG-E Q64TCTT A1SX20EU A6TBXY36 FX2N-10GM Q64TCTTBW A1SY10 A6TBXY54 FX2N-10PG Q64TCRT A1SY18A A6TBX70 FX2N-20GM Q64TCRTBW A1SY22 A6TBX36-E FX2N-16CCL-M Q64TD A1SY28A A6TBY36-E FX2N-16LNK-M Q64TDV-GH A1SY40 A6TBX54-E FX2N-32CCL QD62 A1SY41 A6TBY54-E FX2N-64CL-M QD62D A1SY42 A6TBY70-E FX2N-232IF QD63E A1SY50 AC05TB FX-20P-E-SET0 QD60P8-G A1SY60 AC10TB SC-09 QD75P1 A1SY68A AC20TB FX2N-232-BD QD75P2 A1SY71 AC30TB FX2N-485-BD QD75P4 A1SY80 AC50TB
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Detail PN Unit USD Delivery T.   Detail PN Unit USD Delivery T.
FX0N-3A 85.43 Stock   Q64AD 200.68 Stock
FX1N-14MR-001 93.17 Stock   Q64DAN 312.22 Stock
FX1N-14MT-001 96.80 Stock   Q68DAIN 401.35 Stock
FX1N-24MR-001 134.31 Stock   Q68DAVN 401.35 Stock
FX1N-24MR-D 153.49 Stock   QD62 318.89 Stock
FX1N-24MR-ES/UL 164.84 Stock   QD75D4 722.63 Stock
FX1N-24MT-001 137.13 Stock   QD75P4 637.30 Stock
FX1N-24MT-D 159.13 Stock   QX40 64.53 Stock
FX1N-24MT-ES/UL 168.30 Stock   QX40-S1 67.76 Stock
FX1N-40MR-001 162.54 Stock   QX41 112.13 Stock
FX1N-40MR-D 205.85 Stock   QX42 179.89 Stock
FX1N-40MR-ES/UL 192.10 Stock   QX80 81.47 Stock
FX1N-40MT-001 166.58 Stock   QX81 139.15 Stock
FX1N-40MT-D 210.47 Stock   QY10 88.33 Stock
FX1N-40MT-ES/UL 196.86 Stock   QY40P 64.53 Stock
FX1N-60MR-001 188.76 Stock   QY41P 112.13 Stock
FX1N-60MR-D 230.49 Stock   QY42P 179.89 Stock
FX1N-60MR-ES/UL 223.08 Stock   QY50 67.76 Stock
FX1N-60MT-001 193.60 Stock   QY80 88.33 Stock
FX1N-60MT-D 236.13 Stock   QY81P 152.86 Stock
FX1N-60MT-ES/UL 228.80 Stock        
FX1S-10MR-001 66.62 Stock   FX3U-128MR/ES-A 463.83 Stock
FX1S-10MT-001 68.31 Stock   FX3U-128MT/ES-A 473.46 Stock
FX1S-14MR-001 78.01 Stock   FX3U-16MR/ES-A 190.21 Stock
FX1S-14MT-001 80.12 Stock   FX3U-16MT/ES-A 194.33 Stock
FX1S-20MR-001 99.09 Stock   FX3U-32MR/ES-A 237.42 Stock
FX1S-20MR-ES/UL 116.33 Stock   FX3U-32MT/ES-A 242.46 Stock
FX1S-20MT-001 101.62 Stock   FX3U-48MR/ES-A 251.63 Stock
FX1S-30MR-001 115.76 Stock   FX3U-48MT/ES-A 256.67 Stock
FX1S-30MR-ES/UL 142.07 Stock   FX3U-64MR/ES-A 287.83 Stock
FX1S-30MT-001 118.58 Stock   FX3U-64MT/ES-A 293.79 Stock
FX2N-16EX 47.23 Stock   FX3U-80MR/ES-A 322.21 Stock
FX2N-16EYR 53.55 Stock   FX3U-80MT/ES-A 329.08 Stock
FX2N-16EYT 53.55 Stock        
FX2N-1PG 156.57 Stock   AJ65SBTB1-16D 102.67 Stock
FX2N-2AD 66.99 Stock   AJ65SBTB1-16DT 102.67 Stock
FX2N-2DA 80.85 Stock   AJ65SBTB1-16T 102.67 Stock
FX2N-4AD 84.70 Stock   AJ65SBTB1-32D 102.67 Stock
FX2N-4AD-PT 119.90 Stock   AJ65SBTB1-32D1 102.67 Stock
FX2N-4AD-TC 119.90 Stock   AJ65SBTB1-32DT 102.67 Stock
FX2N-4DA 119.90 Stock   AJ65SBTB1-32DT1 102.67 Stock
FX2N-8ER 37.95 Stock   AJ65SBTB1-32T 102.67 Stock
FX2N-8EX 31.63 Stock   AJ65SBTB1-32T1 102.67 Stock
FX2N-8EYR 37.95 Stock   AJ65SBTB2N-16R 141.17 Stock
FX2N-8EYT 37.95 Stock        

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